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Val Gamble's Family Site

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The Gamble Pets

We have a number of pets which I will tell you about. First we
have a large black five and a half year old Standard Poodle called Jasper who is the most adorable dog you could find and provides us with a lot of laughs.We also have four cats, one a black and white moggie called Mishka, then a red persian called Teddy, a sealpoint himalayan persian called Casey and a very longhaired black persian called Tiara.Added to that there is a lemon weiro (or cockatiel as some know them )named Chloe, and a pond full of Japanese Koi and Goldfish who shall remain nameless. Chloe and drives me crazy as she imitates the phone and the bread machine and the doorbell so that I come running from wherever I am.
Holidays are practically out of the question but we wouldn't be without them and pets are known to be a great stress reliever.  They can be seen in the gallery at which is where I hang out.Come and join us in the Australia folder in the Seniornet pages and don't forget to visit the Furry Friends folder.
We moved and no longer have the fish.Also we lost our beautiful Teddy to cancer just before we moved. The others have all settled in very well and seem much more relaxed.Maybe it's because we are.
UPDATE ......... March 2004.On Friday February 13th we lost our beautiful Jasper.Three weeks before we had put him on Pheno Barbital as a preventative for fits that he had from time to time.Three weeks later it had killed all his bone marrow and in a matter of a few days he died at our bedside.We are devastated.Ten days after that we also lost our lovely long haired black persian to a tumour of the bone marrow.Now we have Casey and Mishka and Chloe the Weiro.
Tiara is resting under her favourite Tree Fern in our garden and Jasper's remains are sitting on a special shelf in a lovely wooden urn with his collar, and favourite toys and his photo.

This is our gorgeous Dog Jasper a loveable rascal
He's a Standard Poodle. Two years old here

Jasper on the rug at home
He is five years old here

Final photo taken just before he died
Our very special dog

Jasper is five and a half years old and is the most intelligent dog we have ever owned.He's almost human at times and very funny with some of his antics.He has the biggest selection of dog toys that any dog could wish for and he selects the ones he wants to play with and brings them out in turn.

Mishka is thirteen years old and he arrived on our front lawn as a six week old kitten with a broken leg.He hobbled up to me as I was washing the car so I took him to the vet who fixed him up at no cost.The leg had possibly been broken from birth.
He has had a few scrapes but none so bad as getting hit by a motorbike and fracturing his pelvis in five places.He disappeared for almost two days and we gave him up for dead until he turned up under a cupboard and had managed to scramble through the pet door and hide.He has a permanent limp but it doesn't keep him from having a very active life.He pleases himself when he comes and goes.He can be a bit of a smooch when he wants to be too.

This is our oldest Cat Mishka
He is a free spirit and pleases himself

Teddy was given to us at the age of about three months as his owners didn't look after him and didn't want him.He was twelve years old when we had to have him put to sleep as he had cancer.He had a snoring problem. We always knew when he was in the room asleep.He was not scared of dogs and would have a go at any that try anything with him.He was a very cuddly cat though with us and we miss him.

This is our beautiful late cat Teddy
He was a very laid back Red Persian

Casey is the only cat we actually bought.He is a Himalayan Persian and a real baby and his coat is really soft.He is very scared especially with children yet he's the most relaxed with us and his claws never come out.
He is almost thirteen years old exactly.A few years ago he cost us $1100.00 in vet fees as he developed crystals in his urinary tract that could have killed him.He had his urethra shortened to help prevent a further recurrence and in effect he became a female as they had to remove his male organ.Now he has pills twice a day for the rest of his life.

Here is our third cat Casey a Sealpoint Himalayan
He is a real scaredy cat but very gentle

Tiara was given to us when she was two years old and she became too hard for her owners to manage with her very long hair.She was attacked by a dog and had to have her cruciate ligament in her knee repaired by a specialist surgeon.Big Dollars I can tell you.She is a lovely cat though but isn't always accepted by the male cats so she hisses at them and makes it worse.She gets on best with Casey....We lost her to cancer just a couple of weeks ago on February 22nd 2004 at ten years old.

Finally our very long haired Black Persian Tiara
She is quite lazy and hissy with the other cats

Stop Press News. ......After a few weeks grieving for our beloved Jasper and Tiara we were told to get another dog or go to counselling.It had hit us so hard...Anyway we now have Monty who is another Black Standard Poodle.We couldn't settle for any other kind.Monty is six months old and is very sociable with everyone especially kids and other dogs and cats.
He will never replace Jasper in our hearts but he has his own special personality which we love already.

Introducing Monty Six Months Old
Caught in the Vegie Garden

We have another addition with Shilo another Standard Black Poodle.He is a year younger than Monty and they get on really well but have created chaos around our house and garden.They are so cute though and even though no dog could replace Jasper they have a special place in our hearts.

Shilo sitting in front of Monty

A quiet moment in between wrecking the garden

The two Rascals again

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