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Memories and Memorabilia

I was born in Manchester England and at the age of three moved to Blackpool where I lived until we came to Australia in 1967.
I have already told you in the first page how old I am and where I came from etc.Perhaps a little of my history will help you to know me.
As you can probably see I am very fond of the purple shades and always have been.
As a child we lived in a large house with fourteen bedrooms and it had a ballroom which my Dad rented out to a dancing teacher.I learned to dance from the age of three and had many lovely experiences.Dad was a musician who had bands at various venues and we had almost every instrument available in the music room.I had three Brothers and a Sister and had a very happy childhood.
When I was eleven years old my Dad was offered a job managing a chain of hotels in Durban South Africa as the Musical Director.He decided it would be a great adventure to Trek overland so he bought a huge old army truck and spent months doing it up.I will post a picure as soon as I get it uploaded.
Anyway, it never happened.Some of the family were coming with us including an Aunt  & Uncle and their two young children, my paternal Grandparents,and another couple who were close friends.The guy played in Dad's band.We waited so long for visas to come through that the others all dropped out one by one which left Dad as the only grown male which would have been too hazardous so he gave up.
It was a great adventure while it lasted but it cost so much and Dad lost heavily on it and we never got to South Africa.
I had been learning to play piano before that venture and never got back to it but I carried on dancing and when I left school I became a student teacher.
I then went into a travelling show and travelled around the north of England and the Midlands.
Before I left I met Alan so after only one tour as professional dancer I gave it up and stayed in Blackpool..
We were married eighteen months later in 1957 and he went into the Air Force six weeks after that to do his National Service.Seventeen months later our first Son was born despite us saying we wouldn't start out family until Alan came out of the Air Force. By 1964 we had all four children and in 1967 came out to Western Australia which was the best decision we ever made.
Three years later my Sister and her new Husband joined us and five years later my parents and three Brothers and a Sister-in-law also joined us. During that five years I had a miscarriage and lost our only Aussie child.
However, I now have eight Grandchildren who are all Aussies.


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies stars past & present:
There far too many to list but I like Julia Roberts, George Clooney,Hugh Grant,William Holden,Rock Hudson,Jane Wyman,Doris Day,Gordon Macrae,Nicolas Cage,Ava Gardner,Rossano Brazzi,Richard Gere,Robert Redford,

Here's a list of some of my favorite recording artists both past and present

Elvis Presley,Neil Diamond,Chris Rhea,Helen Reddy,Celine Dion,Dean Martin.Nat King Cole,Lionel Ritchie,Charlie Rich,Johnny Cash,Julio Iglesias,Andrea Bocelli
Elvis is number one.

The Official Elvis Site One of my favourite sites

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